Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's A Rough Day For Wildlife In These Parts

First a baby bird falls out of its nest onto our deck, and then a snake gets caught in the bird-netting on our strawberries.  The baby bird actually fell out of the nest while I was on the deck.  Mama followed it down and they chatted for a bit until she flew off.  I retreated so as not to disturb them.  She seems to be keeping an eye on him; I hope she can keep him safe from the neighborhood cats and from the old owl until he can fly.

Just a little bit ago J asked if I wanted to see a snake and showed me this guy, who at the time was caught in the netting over our strawberries.

When I said I would help get him out of the netting, I didn't realize he was over three feet long... but we got him loose without any incidents, and set him free by the barn.  And I put the netting away; the berries are done for the year; no need to risk more animals getting hung up in that stuff.  I hope the snake manages to steer clear of the owl, too.  I love the owl, but I'd just prefer he not snack on these two particular critters.  They've had a rough day.


Gina said...

You're a hero. There was a young robin in our window well yesterday. The mother kept chirping and flying around. Hubby put on gloves and let it out.

Corletta said...

EEEKKK...that snake was huge!! I don't know if I would have had the courage to free it. Good for you! By the way...your strawberry jam looks SOOOOO YUMMY!