Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Beginning

I see a mental image daily, of myself performing the same tasks I'm actually performing, living the same life I'm living now, but I am thin, svelte, healthy. It's as if the last 3 or 4 years of gaining weight have been erased. I am the same person that I am now in this image. I have the same job, I come home to the same boyfriend, have the same friends, and am equally as happy as I am now. But I am slim, light, and fit. I started seeing these images in the back of my mind about 6 months ago, and I think now it's time to bring the vision into my reality.

I've been making attempts at regaining my fitness and figure over the last 2 or more years but in retrospect they were no more than practice runs, like someone jogging up to deep ravine they're going to leap across in order to gauge the distance and the necessary speed to propel them to the other side. I will make great strides and experience some success, and then I go off-track at some point and do not try again for weeks or months.

I have been interested in nutrition and fitness since my teens, and I love reading the success stories of others who struggle with weight loss. So I am joining the fold of weight-loss bloggers! I'm starting the journey today, not tomorrow and not next week. Today. Right now. So have a great day. Myself, I'm going to eat a breakfast of steel-cut oats with skim milk, and then take the dog for a walk. It's a beautiful day to start shedding the fat-suit.

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