Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It Looks Like A Bedroom Again

Last night after work I thought "A nap sounds good!" and then I remembered my bedroom... or as it has been known this summer, The Repository of All Things Inconvenient and Unsightly.  For some reason it had become the place for stray papers, off-season clothes and who knows what else.  So I marched my hiney in there and picked up one thing.  Then another.  An hour or so later it finally looked like a bedroom again and I was planted on the living room couch, sorting through papers.  Another hour or so after that all evidence of the cleaning binge had been handled.  I have my bedroom back and I don't regret missing that nap one bit.

What dreaded task have you tackled lately?  Tell us about it so we can pat you on the back!

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1 comment:

Gina said...

Ohhh, there are many dreaded tasks waiting for me. I don't dread the actual task, it's the time and ability to focus I dread. Now that all kids are in school (youngest just started last week), I hope to get into it (then maybe I'll have something to report).

Good for you! It feels great, doesn't it, to de-clutter. I wonder how closely clutter and health/weight loss are related.