Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gardening and Giveaways


This summer my sister and niece helped me revamp a couple big flower beds.  Talk about a workout!  Squatting, digging, pulling, planting.  I felt so hardcore when we were done!  Aaah, I love workouts that are just built into your life. No need to carve out time to go the gym when you are busting your hiney in your own yard and getting something else done, besides.

 Don't mind me, I'm showing off a pair of gardening gloves I got for my birthday.  Can you tell my favorite color is green?

The gardening workout was doubly enjoyable because of the sisterly/niece-ly bonding and the neat and tidy flower beds that came out of it.  And every time I look at the flower beds I can remember a great visit with family who I see far too seldom.


Only a day and a half until the gift card drawing!  Click here to read the rules and enter.  I have noticed that some of the people entering aren't leaving their email addresses.  If you included a link to your webpage I can track you down that way, but if you didn't, and if you didn't leave an email address, I don't know how I will find you if you win!  Please, please leave your email address when you enter the giveaway.  If you don't want to put the address in your comment for privacy reasons, I guess you can email me right when you leave your comment.  Just click on "contact me" in the side bar.

I'm very excited about the giveaway!  I'm having a great time seeing what people are thinking about buying if they win.

Have a fab day!


Cammy said...

I *want* to like gardening, but I really don't. I do like chopping up tree roots and other destructive tasks, but the things that require TLC don't seem to grab me. I suppose there's something telling in that. :)

Tricia said...

love the gloves!

Kelly Massman said...

I'm not really into gardening either (though I do grow my own tomatoes) but I kind of wish I liked to do it--much more healthy than store foods!

liz said...

cammy, haha! those big tasks where you have to work really hard, that feels awesome when you're done,doesn't it?

tricia, thanks!

kelly, we were lazy this year... usually we have a nice little vegetable garden. we planted tomatoes this year, really late, and that's it. but the strawberries come up with no help every year, the pear tree looks to be doing ok (time for me to start canning!) and i have some volunteer green beans behind the barn that i need to check on :)