Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back on Track

Good morning!  I just wanted to check-in.  I have been continuing to try to get back on track with the ol' food plan.  I am so close to getting it right!  Monday I did everything right except have a damned frappucino and a candy bar.  Tuesday I was ultra-busy and ate lunch a couple hours late.  Then I bought a candy bar without even thinking about it and didn't realize I was off-plan until it was in my hand.  And then I ate it.  So today, without further ado, I bring you Day One of Back on Track.  I can do it!  I know I feel so much better when I don't have sugar.  I've managed not to have any bread products for the last three days; I've just been struggling with the whole sugary-stuff-thing.

My fridge is loaded up with protein and vegetables so I have the tools; I just need to stick to that darned plan!

Tonight I will be working on my first original recipe, and I can't wait to share with you.  Hopefully by the weekend I will have it tested and posted.

Is there anything that has been a big temptation to you lately?  Have you been able to resist, and if so, how?

Have a fab day!


Agnes said...

Liz? I had a frappucino yesterday and I was thinking of you! Seriously :-D

p/s: And BTW, it was sooooo good.

liz said...

Agnes! so mean! :) just kiddin'!

Gules said...

My weakness have always just been carbs (Bagels, pizza etc) and for something sweet cookies. Until I met my handsome fella, who has a sweet tooth and loves candy bars. We had to go to the store to get a few things, milk, bread and what did we end up by the time we hit the cash register?One package of smarties(for him) and a kit kat for me. Help me!!! Not to put forth total blame on him, it can be hard because I want to restrict myself so that I can stay on track but I don't tell him what he can/can't eat, so I just have to work on resisting. Always the tough part for me!!

Gina said...

I look forward to new recipes -- especially tried-and-true ones.

My biggest temptation lately has been Netflix. I hardly ever watched tv before. My hubby just signed up for it. Now I can sit in bed and stream almost any movie I want with hundreds to chose from. I do this after the kids are in bed.

Which means I stay up too late. Which means I'm a zombie the next day. Which means I don't care about any plan, etc.

Gwennie said...

you can do it!!!

liz said...

Gules, I think you're a new commenter. Welcome! I'm lucky in that my special fella doesn't like sweets, so I can restrict them from the house. That helps me alot! And once I'm sugar-free for 2 or 3 days in a row it won't be hard to resist sweets, they kinda get out of your system.

Gina, your movie marathon sounds awesome, I would not get any sleep either!

Gwennie, Thank you! Did you type that with a Cajun accent, by any chance? :) Everytime I hear/say "You can do it!" I think "waterboy"... :)

Cammy said...

One candy bar is better than three candy bars. :) The main thing is that you're *noticing* when you're getting off-track. That's huge and will definitely help you get firmly back on the right path.