Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fixing a Window Screen

Step 1: Realize there is a hole in the screen exactly the size of a dog's head.

Step 2: Close window.

Step 3:  Count pets.

Step 4:  Take down screen and frame.  Pull out spline and the destroyed screen.  Show it to dog.  Marvel at his lack of remorse.

Step 5:  Spline new "Pet Safe" screen into the frame and wonder if "Pet Safe" is a match for the dog-asaurus.

Step 6:  Re-install freshly screened frame in window.  Glare at all pets.  Shake a finger at them.  Marvel at their lack of interest.

Step 7:  Realize there is a hole in a window screen exactly the size of a dog's head...


Gina said...

LOL! Funny.

When we adopted our German shepherd puppy, he bolted right through the screen door to the deck. It didn't rip, it just pulled away from the edges. And we've never fixed it. It's our new doggy door. The screen just flaps there and still keeps the bugs out.

Agnes said...

LOL Liz!

"count pets" LOL!

liz said...

welcome to my life, ladies...

Gina, we have 2 cats too so I couldn't do that. But kudos to you for making it a positive! :)

Agnes, there were no escapees, thank goodness. The night before we had a big thunderstorm with high winds and the power was out from 8 p.m. to sometime in the wee hours. I'm guessing it happened in the night, I can't imagine not noticing the 12-inch hole! We should have gotten chihuahua's instead of these loveable overgrown disaster-magnets :)

Gwennie said...

that is hilarious!!! really, really funny...maybe not at the time for you, but looking back I think you will get quite a chuckle if you haven't already :)

Cammy said...

LOL, this is brilliant!