Wednesday, March 2, 2011

denial. A state I am so familiar with that I don't need a map.

Yesterday I had the day off.  After a lazy morning, I went to the gym and then (wait for it) re-joined Weight-Watchers. 

I was really frustrated when I quit WW several months ago.  After becoming familiar enough with the point-system I was able to take a good guess at what points a food would have... it was about 50 calories for one point, with fiber reducing the number of points and fat increasing them.  And I came to the realization that it was a very low-calorie diet plan.  I thought "I don't need to pay someone to tell me I can't freaking eat anything!" 

But they changed their program recently.  Now points are figured using grams of fat, fiber, carb and protein.  Calories don't figure into the picture at all and the purpose of refiguring the point system was to help people make better choices, eat healthier foods. And  I realize I was oversimplifying before, and WW is so much more than what I was frustrated about.  And it still is.  They provide support and tools to help you rethink what you're doing and establish new healthier habits.

Today at lunch we were talking about WW.  The lunch group included two life-time members, who had achieved and maintained their goal weight for some time.  I talked about the thing that frustrated me the most, that WW was so low-calorie.  It wasn't until later that I thought about the fact that I was with two people who had used that low-calorie system and had great success.  It's not the system that failed me, I failed to utilize the system.  I criticized it for being inadequate, but I didn't follow it.... that's why it didn't work for me.

Basically, I was complaining about WW because I was in total denial.  A state I am so familiar with that I don't need a map.

So...... yesterday I went to the gym and then re-joined the new and improved WW.  Here's hoping I can master a new and improved attitude to match! 

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Cammy said...

It seems someone had an "a-hah" moment. I'm so happy for you! It turns out that Glinda the Good Witch was right: we really DID have the power all along. If only we'd known how to use it.