Friday, March 25, 2011

Even Steven

Weigh-in was Wednesday and after last week's awesome 3 lb loss, I was disappointed not to lose this week.  But I didn't gain either.  I totally stuck to the plan, so I'm thinking I'll back off of bananas this week.  Bananas are free (no points+) on the new plan and I did hit them pretty hard this last week.  They're easy to stuff in my lunch bag, and easy to grab after work when I'm hungry and haven't made dinner yet.  But they are nature's candy bar!  So I'm backing off.

Flickr - ianqi


Cammy said...

Okay, so it's still 1.5 lost each week, which is awesome. More awesome is that you stuck to your plan all week! Woo-hoo!

EMR said...

Well said that they are nature's candy bar...better to be away from it daily.But once in a while it is ok I guess.