Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dear Dairy

Flickr - redeye^
I'm five days into Round Two, Phase Two of the HCG Diet and finally hit the 20 lb mark, yay!  I lost 18 lbs on Round One and had really wanted to get to 20.  It's a good milestone.

When you're in Phase Two you only have one tablespoon of milk per day and no other dairy products.  In Phase Three you add dairy back into your diet.  I noticed I felt great in Phase Two of Round One, and then when I added dairy back in Phase Three I felt a little sluggish and struggled with some nausea.  And phlegm, yuck.  Now that I'm back in Phase Two with no dairy, once again I feel great!  Dammit, I love cream in my coffee and cheese in my.... well, cheese in everything.  But I may have to think about going easy on the dairy products from now on.  Forever, sigh.  Or just know that if I want cream in my coffee, I'll pay the price by feeling a little crappy.  Boo.   


Agnes said...

Wow, 20 lbs, can't wait to see your photos Liz :-)

liz said...

thanks Agnes :) FYI though i probably won't post photos until i hit 40 lbs, which will likely be in february or march of next year. i need to lose about 100 lbs and while i sure can tell the difference with 20 gone, i don't feel like it would show up that much in a picture.