Sunday, July 5, 2009

Preparing for the Mulligan

I hope everyone had a fab 4th! I went to two bbq's and saw lots of awesome fireworks and a friend's cutecutecute 3 month-old baby girl. Today I'm preparing for Week 1 of The Mulligan. Starting Monday I'll be getting up ultra early to work out and then it's straight to work, so I'll be pooped when I get home. I figure it will be nice to have worked out and come home after work to a clean house, so today is a big house-cleaning day and making sure all the laundry's done so I have gym clothes and work-clothes. Nothing like the old "I don't have a clean sports bra!" excuse when you don't want to go to the gym at the crack of dawn, so I'm making sure it's not an option!

My 1-liter water bottles are full and chilling in the fridge.... I drink one on the elliptical and I'm going to try to drink the other at work. So my main goals for this week are 5 cardio workout's and 3 upper-body weight-lifting sessions for the week, and 2 liters of water a day. And I almost forgot adding in more fruits and veggies... I have bananas and frozen cherries, so I need to freeze some 'nanners so I can make cherry-banana smoothies. I could not resist the big bag of ruby red grapefruit so that is on hand for evening snacks. And I bought 2 kinds of lettuce and made hard-boiled eggs, so if I do my prep-work today I can take a salad for lunch tomorrow. My to-do list is growing, sigh. But I'll be glad when everything is ready.

Ok, I'm off to rotate the laundry, continue dusting and cleaning, and prep some salad. Wish me luck!

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