Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve Ice-Skating!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Christmas! My current favorite Christmas tradition is ice-skating on Christmas Eve at Crown Center in Kansas City. Here’s a picture snapped by a cooperative stranger… I did not catch your name but thank you and Merry Christmas! I’m on the far right, BF (aka Jeff) is right beside me, then his sister Nicole, their mom Judy and her BF Steve, and the nephews Alex and Noah front and center, as they should be!

It was freezing out; usually it’s warmer and we last longer. Jeff and I were the last to arrive; I think I probably got 20 minutes of good cardio in before we went in to warm up. That’s two workouts this week because Sunday I went to the gym and did an hour of cardio. If I get one more workout in this week it will probably be walking. We had a winter storm last night and have not ventured out today. The roads were pretty dicey when I went on a last-minute grocery store run after skating.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?


Cammy said...

That's a great tradition! Great photo, too! :)

My favorite tradition is our family's Christmas morning breakfast. It's very casual, and there's something about the cold chill of the morning and the steamy warmth of the kitchen that appeals to me. The fried potatoes are always appreciated, too. :)

liz at imsheddingthefatsuit said...

Cammy, I can totally picture the Christmas morning breakfast! That's a nice one.