Saturday, January 16, 2010

Greek Yogurt and Blueberries

I promised a spaghetti squash post this week but it was not meant to be. I just cooked and cut open the squash and it had several bad spots. It would not have been worth the trouble to cut around them and the pictures would have been gross. Plus I have never seen a spaghetti squash go bad, so that was just weird. Maybe it sat in the bin at the grocery store for two months before I bought it; I don’t know.

To make it up to you I tried fat free Greek yogurt! The brand I bought has 160 calories per cup.

I use a lot of plain grocery-store brand regular old yogurt; I throw it into anything I’m cooking if it won’t ruin it. I don’t know why, except that it makes me feel all healthy and stuff. But I decided to buy the Greek yogurt in vanilla so don’t expect me to cook with it. Or put it in mashed potatoes. Or in soup. I found a much better use for it: snack time!

Defrost ½ cup frozen blueberries in the microwave. Stir in ½ cup yogurt. Toss some high fiber cereal on top. I used All Bran. Yum!

The yogurt was creamy and silky, and I wouldn't know it was fat free if I hadn't read the container. And of course blueberries and yogurt are a classic combo. The cereal gave it a little texture. It was a nice, satisfying snack that I counted as two points after adding the cereal.

This review was unsolicited and I was not compensated by the product’s company.


Anonymous Fat Girl said...

I am all about that greek yogurt! I love that stuff!!!!

I'm a recovering ice cream junkie, so it helps that I'm getting something sweet that is similar.

Last night I had one of the plain flavored and added a spoonful of my chocolate/peanut butter protein powder to it. It tasted like mousse!! Fabulous. :)

Cammy said...

I love to mix in some PB2 and/or chocolate protein powder. Dee-lish!

liz said...

well two of my favorite ladies love the protein powder. i may have to give it a try!