Monday, January 11, 2010

Return to Running

I just got back from the gym and am so pumped!  I did an hour on the elliptical trainer and then thought what the hey, I was already more than warmed up.  I hopped on the treadmill and cranked out a leisurely half-mile.  Very leisurely; I'm talking a 15-minute-mile pace.  I've always been a slow runner by preference anyway, but I'm taking it extra easy since my last running streak was from February to July 2009, and before that I had not run since October 2008.  But I'm back, folks!

My heartrate was 167 when I finished the half-mile.  I like to keep it under 140 so I will probably not run more than a half-mile at a time for a while.  I figure seven or eight minutes at the higher heartrate will not hurt me. 

I will have to start stretching out before my workouts now.  I have only been stretching out afterwards since I started this latest stint of working out regularly.  But today after 20 minutes on the elliptical my left knee started feeling tight.  I will probably start taking glucosamine again, too, to protect my joints.  I find it really helps me when I take it regularly.


Anonymous Fat Girl said...

I so need to get back on the elliptical. It's a lot tougher than people think! You are such a machine being able to do that much time on it, that is awesome!

I have one of those ePulse heart rate monitors (I did a review on my blog if you do a search) and I love it. It shows me where my heart rate is and how many calories I burn during a workout. Plus I find I burn about 250 more calories than the machines say. So that's a good thing! :)

Cammy said...

Oooh, you answered a question I haven't even asked yet about the glucosamine! I'm having some "issues" with my right knee (at far, far less than a half mile, I might add.) So you notice a difference when you use it?

Kudos on the awesome workout!

Kelly said...

Yay for the elliptical, good work! You are doing awesome :)
Why are you watching your heart rate? I wonder if I should be, I have no idea what my heart rate is ever haha- I mean I know the point is to see how hard you are working but are you worried you are getting to your maximum?
PS. I recommend watching the protein for a couple of days. Even though I wasn't at where I should be today, I didn't feel hungry at any point!

liz said...

thanks guys!
kelly, yay for not being hungry! i will check it out for myself then! i like to make sure i stay in the fat-burning zone with cardio.
cammy, yes, i do notice a big difference when i take glucosamine regularly, though i take glucosamine sulfate which is cheaper than the glucosamine chondroitin. but it works for me as does making sure i get my water in so my joints have their natural cushion. and stretching my itb, illiotibial band. man, that one tightens up on me so fast, i do a modified yoga pose that is the only stretch that seems to work for loosening it up, for me.
afg, a heart rate monitor is on my "someday, i wish!" list, i would love one. maybe i'll ask for it for my birthday!