Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow in MO

The night before last we got hit by that snow storm that has been all over the news. It had been cold already, but hey, this is winter. And we already had a good amount of snow. But once again, it’s winter, people! And then the snow storm hit. Wow!

It is gorgeous; powdery and drifting. It is also dangerous. This year I have seen so much aggressive driving when the roads are bad. I don’t understand it. My rule of thumb when I’m driving on snowy or icy roads is if I have to brake right now, what will happen?  And I adjust my speed accordingly.

With all the snow hitting us I did not get to the gym yesterday morning as I had planned. So I am behind on She Wears a Red Sox Cap’s elliptical challenge this week. And I have a big family weekend coming up (the last Christmas event) with people in from out of town and there will be houseguests at multiple locations and sharing of cars to make sure everyone can get around. I am going to have to be extra extra dedicated to make sure I get up early enough to get to the gym without slowing down the holiday fun by hogging a car.

I also could not get to my Wednesday night Weight Watchers meeting. It’s the first one I have missed! I’m sure it was cancelled though, since that was the night of the big snow. I need to check the schedule and see if there’s another one I can get into today or tomorrow so I at least go to one.

How lucky am I that I have one more Christmas left? I love Christmas.


Anonymous Fat Girl said...

I live in Northern Michigan and we're supposed to get hit with that same storm sometime today. I can't stand the crazy people on the road when it snows! :(

liz said...


The Chubby Girl Diaries said...

We have been getting dumped on by snow periodically and it's supposed to last well into the weekend.

The elliptical challenge sounds fun!


Tricia said...

So lucky you get another Christmas :)

Kelly said...

It's so hard to get to the gym when it's snowing out, just another obstacle!
I hope you get up early this weekend for some gym time :)

She-Fit said...

Awh, I'm so jealous right now. I live in AZ where it feels like spring. I just want a white winter really bad!

Anonymous said...

I like your blog! Just found it through RunningFiance's. I like your About section and use of the word "fatitude"! Haha! Hope to read more - check out mine if you wish or add me to your roll - love new opinions :)