Saturday, January 23, 2010

Work It

I hit the gym about 10:00 this morning and did an hour on the elliptical, whoo hoo! I tried reading on the elliptical this time. I am the Queen of Motion Sickness but I read the whole time with no queasiness. Awesome! I was reading a book about running and was so pumped to get on the treadmill after. My right knee was getting kind of tight so I went and stretched it out. There were still treadmills available when I went to stretch. And after I did, there were none. I thought maybe there was one but there was a sweaty towel on it. Someone had marked it as their own. I strolled down the treadmill lane, waiting. I saw one open up at the other end and before I could even start walking that way, some guy who had NOT been waiting, who had just walked up, took it. Hmph. Went and hung out at the end of the row. A girl got off her machine and puttered around, leaving her water bottle on it. I asked if she was done and she said no, picking up some weights and proceeding to do lunges down the lane. Sigh. I hung out a little longer and then gave up. Boo. Clearly tomorrow I need to go earlier. I guess I can’t say anything since I did use the elliptical for an hour. But in my defense, there were several other elliptical trainers available that entire time.

On the up-side, I DID do that hour on the elliptical! And started reading one of the books I ordered from Amazon. I’ll tell ya all about it when I’m done. It’s awesome and inspiring so far. But no more details until I can give you a real review!


Cammy said...

Thumbs up on the one hour elliptical!

Big thumbs down to you jerky gym people. I don't mind waiting if someone has to make a potty run or stretch for a minute or two, but these people who toss a towel on their machine and then go off to make a 10-minute phone call or go to the back to do their strength training tick me off! My biggest peeve ever was the woman who was "holding" the elliptical next to her for her friend who wasn't even at the gym yet. Ten minutes later, I suggested it was time to give it up. She did. :) Now that I work out in the daytime, I don't have the crowd problems.

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

Good job getting to the gym in the first place. And, like you said, you did get the elliptical in for an hour!

I hear you on people pushing their way into what they want/need. I'm not like that either. Makes it hard to get things done sometimes. BOO. Maybe someone could be your spitwad ally next time?

Anonymous Fat Girl said...

Congrats on the hour on the elliptical! The elliptical is TOUGH! I did 15 mins this morning and that is the longest I have done.

How frustrating on the idiots at the gym. We have this girl that puts her stuff on a treadmill and then lifts. She hops back and forth. It really makes me mad. We have a small gym (only 5 treadmills) so it's ridiculous. I hope the jerks stay away when you are there in the future. :)

liz said...

cammy, yep, i bet daytime is the best. i could try going before work once or twice a week. that would mean getting up at 5 though, yikes! but it just might be worth it.

jbs, i ALMOST had a spitwad ally but she had not hit the ellipticals yet so she went to do that, lol.

afg, i don't push it very hard on the elliptical except occasionally when i get bored. i'm just trying for some long-lasting cardio. you would probably giggle if you saw me just cruising along on it, but all sweaty and red-faced! but i did burn almost 400 calories, yay!