Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gym Again

Whoo hoo!  Another day of 1 hour on the elliptical trainer and then off to the treadmill to run a half mile.  Then situps and stretches.  I was a good girl today and stretched before my workout, too. 

I felt so good on the elliptical this morning that I wanted to bust out some dance moves, but stifled the urge.  First because I would fall off the machine, and second because then I would officially become a Gym Character: the Girl Who Boogies on the Elliptical.  Which would violate my personal policy of flying under the radar.  The urge faded after about 30 minutes into my workout; close call.

I entered a giveaway contest at Endurance Isn't Only Physical's blog.  It's for iFitness's sport-belt/waist-pack that looks like it is perfect to use when you're working out.  To enter the contest you have to post comments telling Endurance Isn't Only Physical which belt you would like to win, that you are a follower of her blog, that you have posted about the contest, and recommend some headphones/earbuds for her.  It looks like a pretty cool running accessory so wish me luck!  You might run over to her blog, too, and check the contest out for yourself.


Cammy said...

Congrats on maintaining your dignity whilst thrilling on the elliptical. I know the feeling well, but my tendency is to start singing. Not a pretty sound. :)

Anonymous Fat Girl said...

Ha ha! I would love to be that girl that flies under the radar! Unfortunately my chattiness and mouth gets me into too much trouble. :)

Sounds like you did a great job working out today. Kudos!

Hilary said...

Wow, I'm incredibly impressed by your workout! I hope to be fit enough to go that long on the elliptical some day!

Anonymous said...

Hooah Li'l Sis! Your efforts and blog have got my happy (and larger) butt into the gym again. So thank you and keep it up. I figure I can lose 40 lbs by 4 July. Meet me there?

liz said...

thanks ladies! and hilary, i am not terribly fit. just getting back into this whole exercise thing. but thanks!
big sis, hi! i did not know you read my blog, whoo hoo! i'm making a policy of only aiming for 1 lb a week, so do you mind if i say 25 lbs by july 4? if not then i am SO in! looking forward to comparing notes on the gym with you. last week i was in front of the only tv not playing sports and they freaking changed the station to sports in the middle of my workout, boo!

Miz said...

I love gym characters.

Im just sayin'


Kelly said...

Thanks for letting us know about the contest! You are so much better than me at this elliptical challenge that I myself invented haha

liz said...

kelly, you vary your workouts and have a great well-rounded routine! so you have less time for the elliptical. me, i'm currently giving in to my need for sameness and routine, and am obsessively hitting the same machine day after day. someday when i grow up maybe i'll be like you ;)

liz said...

miz, i probably already am a gym character, i just don't know it :)
thanks for stopping by my blog, to you and everyone else. you guys cheerring me on help me so much!