Friday, March 5, 2010

Day One Down, on to Day Two of the Best Week Ever

The last 24 hours did not go entirely according to plan but were pretty darned close.  I did not manage to avoid my a.m. Frappucino but I did buy the smaller four-point one instead of the six-pointer.  I ate according to plan until 6:30 p.m. when I found myself still running around working and another appointment to go, so I stopped and got a cheese stick at Quik Trip and another small Frapp.  Got home at 8 p.m., too late to cook the dinner I'd planned, especially if I wanted to go to bed early and get to the gym in the morning.  Dinner was a crazy combo of a beet and orange salad (I'll devote a post to that this weekend), a bowl of homemade chili, and a bowl of cereal.  I had one liter of water yesterday, which was my minimum goal.  And this morning I got up at 4:45 a.m. and went to the gym!  I kept it simple for my first trip back; half an hour on the elliptical and then headed back home to get ready for work.  Home is on the way from the gym to the job, so it's easier just to go back to the house rather than shower at the gym.  And I drank a liter of water while I was on the elliptical.

I didn't write down my food/points yesterday but I remember everything I ate so I'll jot it down this morning and figure out the points in a bit:
Breakfast: Frapp, and peanut butter sandwich with oat-nut bread and Naturally More peanut butter;
Lunch: an orange, another pb sandwich, and my current favorite salad of mixed romaine, orange slices, cilantro, almonds and dried dates;
Snack: cheese stick and Frapp; and dinner you already know.  Could have been worse; could have been better.

On to the next day!


Anonymous Fat Girl said...

Uggh.... I hate busy weeks. :( I'm glad you're plugging away and getting your water and exercise in. Congrats!

The Chubby Girl Diaries said...

Busy weeks are hard. But it sounds like you are hanging in there and doing awesome!! Congrats Liz! I am so proud of you girl!! :)


Cammy said...

Ah the sweet sound of progress! Kudos!

Agnes said...

Oh wow, you've been busy! Thank god it's Saturday :-)
Sounds like you're doing great Liz -- yay!

liz said...

thanks, i'm working on it! still need to work on the water, i get in a liter, minimum, but have maxed out at a liter and a half. and tonight i am sacrificing going to bed early (so i can go to the gym) in the name of laundry. but it's still going just fine, tracking my food more often than not, which is a change, and planning to do the gym four mornings this week.