Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weigh-In Tonight

Tonight  is Weigh-In Wednesday so this morning I'm reviewing my week.  My main goal was to get back to tracking my food/points.  This was accomplished!  I tracked five days of the last seven.  And discovered that due to my Frappucino habit I am consuming about TWICE my daily points.  Yikes!  No wonder I'm bouncing around the same two pounds!  The good news is that my failure to lose lately is NOT due to my new ban on artificially fat-free or low-fat foods.  Wahoo!  I was really afraid that tracking would show that I shot myself in the foot with my new real-foods plan, but nope.  I shot myself in the foot at the gas station just outside my neighborhood, and at the Quik Trip a few miles from my office, and ... you get the picture.  Maybe I need to set up a rule, like I can only have a Frappucino if I *insert something worthy of a six point splurge here*.  How about if I drink two liters of water in a day?  Because if I still think I can fit a Frapp in my tummy on top of two liters of water, then I must really want it!

And for some randomness, here's one of my new favorite weekend breakfasts.  It's brown rice, already cooked.  I heat it up with some milk thickened with cornstarch and throw some raisins in to plump up.  Then I add a chopped apple (Fuji is my new fave), some almonds and a squirt of agave nectar.  It's a very filling, rice-pudding-esque breakfast perfect for pumping me up for Saturday errands.  I'm thinking next time I'll try sweetening it with dried dates instead of agave nectar.

I really need to get some dishes that aren't white, for when I'm taking shots of a food like this, that doesn't have alot of color.

Have a fab day!


Agnes said...

Your breakfast looks delicious! Good luck tonight, Liz, i think you're back in the driver's seat :-)

Cammy said...

kudos on tracking! But YIKES! Those frappethingies are rich! I may have to try one someday. :)

Lighting a candle for the weigh-in!

Anonymous Fat Girl said...

Great idea on the breakfast! I have never thought much about having rice. It looked yummy though!

liz said...

thanks everybody. weigh-in was bad, it's definitely time to say goodbye to the frapps!