Monday, January 4, 2010

Baked Crab Rangoon

I’ve tried these before (see this post) but thought I’d take another stab at them. This time with pictures!

I went recipe-free but did add the mayonnaise that so many recipes seemed to include.  I used:

8 oz Neufchatel cheese
¼ cup light mayo
6 oz imitation crab
Dash onion powder
Dash garlic powder
16 won ton wrappers

Pretty nasty-looking jar of mayo, huh? Just keepin’ it real, people.

I chopped up the crab but am thinking it doesn’t look right, maybe I will try canned crab next time.

I used a hand potato-masher-smasher to mix this since I didn’t plan far enough ahead of time to soften the cheese. It worked out pretty well I think.

Then I placed the won ton wrappers gently into a muffin-tin sprayed with non-stick stuff. I love that tin, it was a present from one of the sisters last year. Thanks Nancy!

Then I baked them for 20 or 30 minutes at 350. I usually check them occasionally and pull them out of the oven when the won ton wrappers turn a little beyond golden brown. I lost track of the time they were baking because I was making steamed pork dumplings at the same time. Tune back in tomorrow for the dumpling recipe and those pictures!

I think they’re pretty cute. I left them open because there was so much filling; I still had some left over; I will probably use it for salad. I think I like them better left open like this, but next time I make a batch I will close them up and take some more pictures for you. I still need to tweak them; they are yummy but don’t taste quite like the crab rangoon from a Chinese restaurant. Maybe it will help if I remember the green onions next time.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a kitchen to clean. Raw pork freaks me out.


Anonymous Fat Girl said...

One of my FAVORITE things is crab ragoon. I know the kind you get at the Chinese restaurants are so bad for you, but these look like a great alternative. How'd they taste? They look really good. Thanks for sharing this. :)

Kelly said...

Yum crab, that is one food I really like but never remember to eat. Thanks for reminding me!

liz at imsheddingthefatsuit said...

afg, i rarely call a food 'rich' because i can pretty much eat anything. they were good, but 'rich' so very filling. they were not exactly like the lovely deep-fried restaurant ones :) but i think that is for the best!

kelly, hey, remember to eat crab! :)

Amy said...

Liz, those look yummy! I'm gonna try making those sometime soon!