Sunday, April 18, 2010

Okay, Maybe HALF-way On Track...

So I did great working out last Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Then I didn't work out again until Saturday (yesterday).  But I'm not gonna beat myself up; working out three days a week is good!  I hit the gym yesterday and today.  My goal this week is to go TWICE in the morning before work, instead of just once like I did last week.  And for the record, I am not sticking to that Weight Watchers training plan.  To be honest I hate training plans, I would rather just do it my own way.  I liked their plan better than C25K, but I don't want to knock C25K because without it I might never had started running several years ago.  But anyhoo, I'll just do it my own way: I've got running a mile down pat, so I will start adding a little distance on the days I was smart enough to go slower and save some energy for more than my one little mile. 

Oh, and remember how getting a cute new haircut was going to be my reward for losing 15 lbs?  Well, even though I've been gaining weight and am almost back up to my start weight, I went ahead and got a haircut yesterday because I needed one so badly.  It had gotten to the point where instead of getting the haircut being a reward, NOT getting it was a punishment for not losing weight.  And that's not cool.  So I got the 'cut and stay tuned, pictures are coming!

Have a fab Sunday.


Cammy said...

Hey, halfway is better than going in reverse. :)

Wishing you a successful new week!

Agnes said...

I wanna see your new haircut :-D Pretty please!

Anonymous Fat Girl said...

I like your plan. You know I didn't do C25K either. I've just done my own thing (although my trainer had given me some guidance). Anyway, I just walk, then fast walk, then run until I can't anymore.

I'm so glad you got your haircut. Don't beat yourself up. Most of us have been up and down so much on the scale we can totally relate (I know I can!) :)