Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Saturday

Hello!  It's been crazybusy in these parts and I'm so happy to have time to return to Blog-Land.  I have a three-day weekend and spent yesterday running a few errands and puttering around the house.  I'm starting to feel so refreshed.  Today I have my normal Saturday errands lined up: take the recycyling up to Metro North Mall, do the grocery shopping, and contemplate not skipping Weight Watchers this week, maybe drop in for a meeting.  I'm not sure why I love my Saturday morning errands, maybe because it's Saturday.  I have something else on the agenda aside from catching up on housework: playing in the yard! We always plant our vegetable garden late and then congratulate ourselves on missing this frost or that hail storm, but it's time to spend some time on my flowers. 

I love spring!

I'll be playing with the flowers today, but we need to start planning this year's vegetable garden.  Are there any vegetable gardeners out there?  Have you planted yet or are you late, like me?


Agnes said...

Liz! You're back!! Welcome back :-)

liz said...

thanks agnes! yeppers, i'm back, and i have some recipe posts ready to go, too, in the next few days. have a great day! spring is SO boosting my spirits :) hope you are enjoying your spring, as well.

Kelly said...

I haven't planted anything yet but the weather is still a bit unpredictable so I think it's okay :)

Enjoy your Saturday errands and go to that WW meeting! haha

liz said...

kelly, you read my mind! i postponed my beloved saturday morning errands and went to weight watchers and the gym first. i haven't done either in a month. now i've got to hit the shower and do my running around town.

Cammy said...

So great to see a post from you in my reader!

I'm having a small veggie garden this year (a few tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers.) This is my first year with multiple plants to be responsible for, so who knows how it will turn out. :)

julielopez3 said...

I love working in the yard and garden. But here in Utah it is too early to plant anything yet but maybe peas. I will start planting mine in May. I have it all planned out and can't wait!