Sunday, April 25, 2010

Random Fat Thoughts... Or Thoughts On Fats And Weight Loss

I'm not a fan of artificially low-fat foods.  I was pleasantly surprised when I read Eat Fat, Lose Fat, which promotes using real fats in your diet like butter, coconut oil, olive oil and avocados, and says you can lose weight while doing so. 

And I was really excited in January when I had more free time than usual... I spent alot of time working out and was losing weight.  I was also eating about 25% more than my allowance of ww points and sort of lost faith in tracking foods and sticking to the points allowance, since I was losing weight and getting stronger and smaller while eating more.

After January I didn't have that spare time for extra workouts anymore, but I didn't go back to the more restrictive way of eating, and I continued to enjoy healthy fats and unfortunately, some serious fast food.  I had some starts and stops with weight loss and now have pretty much gained all the weight back.   

I have two thoughts here.  One is that cutting fast food out of my life is not realistic.  As much as I would like to be a healthy super-woman, if I draw the line and mandate "no more fast food, never again" then with deprivation on my mind, I am even more likely to say "honey, how about Hardee's tonight?" and say it often.  The other thought is that I would like to accomplish weight loss while incorporating real, healthy fats into my diet.

I'm going to have to start planning meals again, writing down dinner for the whole week and shopping accordingly.  And planning out breakfast, lunch and snacks.  And to do it the way I want to, I'm going to have to figure out how to eat real foods and real fats but keep the total fat and calories down to a reasonable level to allow for weight loss.  And plan for good choices with the occasional burger joint take-out: maybe eat half the burger and a small order of fries, for starters.

Sheesh, it all sounds so complicated.  Maybe I will just concentrate this week on doing SOME planning, SOME exercising, making sure to eat fruits and veggies and get plenty of water.  Back to baby steps, people.

Have a fab day.


Agnes said...

I agree with you Liz. And I think women on 100% fat-free diets look like dry leaves (dry skin + wrinkles).

Anonymous Fat Girl said...

I don't like "all or nothing" and if you completely cut out something (like fast food) and didn't ever have it that would be "all or nothing" and I just don't think it's realistic. Rather the approach of changing small things in your life seems more attainable, such as Cammy @ Tippy Toe Diet recommends. A lot of wisdom there she has.

carriebojo said...

eating clean has made a huge difference for me. i have been reading some books on clean eating and have also recently watched Food Inc. on PBS. that documentary was certainly enough to help me steer clear of fast food. i still will eat meat but only organic or locally farm raised.
eating has never been easier for me. i am a WW devotee and have learned a lot from WW but i no longer need to count points with clean eating.