Sunday, February 7, 2010

Baby Steps

Lately I've been feeling very busy and tired.  Nothing out of the ordinary is going on, just the day-to-day minutae that piles up in a big to-do list.  I truly believe that living a healthy life will be worth the effort, but each step that needs to be taken is one more thing on the to-do list.  I'm losing steam, and I don't want to lose steam.  I know I posted about this already, but it's still happening.  I have to find a way to grab hold of this process and keep the momentum going.  I don't want to get up at 5:00 a.m. to go to the gym.  But I did it once last week and it didn't kill me.  I don't mind preparing my lunch and snacks ahead of time to take to work, but I do resent the time it takes.  I feel like I have a limited amount of free time and do not want to give up the pieces of it that these activities take up.  But the reward will be an increased enjoyment of every day with increased energy, increased athletic ability, and let's be honest, smaller size.  And a longer life to enjoy these things. It's important, and maybe I'm just being whiny and lazy.  Life is full of obligations and responsibilities, and this commitment to healthier living is an obligation and responsibility to myself.  Going to the gym once or twice a week is not enough, and eating on-plan 60% of the time is not going to cut it.  I guess it's time to go back to the basics.  And take baby steps.  Not token baby steps, but things that matter.  Move more and eat better.


Cammy said...

It always helps to push ourselves a little (those baby steps!), but sometimes its all we can do to just hang on. Good for YOU for hanging on and pushing when you can!

Agnes said...

I know it's not easy, Liz -- but it' worth the effort. It's something you're doing for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

The Chubby Girl Diaries said...

You are not Whiny and lazy! Making changes to your routine is not easy. Because it means you have to adjust everything in order to do it.

But it's true what they say that small changes make all of the difference.

Baby steps are still significant steps forward and I think you are doing great!

The fact that you are pushing ahead even when you don't want to is absolutely inspirational! :)

What's the term... Fake it 'till you make it...?