Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cleaning Up My Kitchen

I've been beating myself up lately about not tracking my food, not exercising, and a general lackadaisical approach to weight loss which is resulting in no progress. 

Last night at Weight Watchers there was a discussion of trigger-proofing your kitchen.  A trigger food is one that you seem to have little or no control over. As we talked, I realized I have made progress, and I want to recognize that.

What am I no longer buying? 
  • Cereal bars.  If they are in the house, I will snack on them every five minutes. 
  • Chips, including baked, whole grain and pretzels.  Because if they are in the house I will have a handful with dinner.  The first day I might count them, maybe even the second.  But after that, no.  I will buy plain tortilla chips for the rest of the house.  I only love those at Mexican restaurants or with a yummy dip.  Which I will not make. 
  • Ice cream.  'Nuff said.
  • Mixes for side dishes, like macaroni and cheese.  There are still some in the cupboard but I won't cook them.  I will buy the occasional brownie mix for a specific healthy-fix recipe, but that's it.
  • Fat-free lab creation foods.  I'm still working on balancing the full-fat versions with losing weight; hopefully this week I will find the right balance.
What do I buy more of now, or that I didn't buy before?
  • Tons of produce.  The produce drawer in my fridge is stuffed full; I can barely close it.
    • Two avocados a week;
    • Bagged lettuce mixes;
    • Apples;
    • Oranges;
    • Leafy greens like kale or beet greens;
    • Parsnips;
    • Heads of cabbage;
    • Cilantro;
    • Celery;
    • Carrot chips; and
    • A new produce item twice a month, something new to try.
  • Frozen blueberries and frozen bananas;
  • Lots of lean meats and seafoods (I got over my omnivore issues, currently I only eat meat at dinner but I would not rule out having it at lunch once in a while.  Wait, I had a salad with chicken on it for lunch two days ago.);
  • One-point tortillas;
  • Whole wheat couscous;
  • Raw almonds;
  • Stevia for sweetener;
  • Sugar-free cereals like All-Bran or Shredded Wheat;
  • Agave nectar;
  • and PB2 and Naturally More peanut butters.
And what are some good grocery-buying habits I already had in place?
  • Whole wheat pasta only;
  • Brown rice;
  • Canned black beans, kidney beans (including cannellini), and garbanzo beans; and dried pinto beans and lentils;
  • Lots of frozen veggies;
  • Eggs;
  • Good cheeses with lots of flavor even if you use less, like feta or blue cheese;
  • Skim milk;
  • Oatmeal, both quick-cooking and once in a while the steel-cut variety;
  • Different grains like quinoa or millet for experimenting.  Love quinoa; and
  • The occasional new produce experiment.
Is my kitchen perfect?  No.  The most recent trip to the grocery store included a request for sugared cereal, so I bought some I liked, too.  The first couple nights after that I had two bowls of sugary cereal before bed.  Last night I didn't.  Just because it's there doesn't mean I need to eat it.  Maybe I need to put that on a post-it on the cupboard.

Is my kitchen getting better, more health-friendly, more weight-loss friendly?  Yes.

I'm going to go pack a healthy lunch to take to work.  Here's to recognizing successes and building on them.  Have a fab day!


JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

This is awesome Liz. It's not just about the scale. You've learned to train yourself around a lot of less than desirable triggers. And you're incorporating so many more healthy foods into your life.

Keep chiseling away. You're making progress in a lot of areas. NSV's are fulfilling too!

Anonymous Fat Girl said...

You are doing great. But stop beating yourself up!!!!

I agree with you 100% about the ice cream and cereal bars. Both of those are things I can't control myself with. I haven't had ice cream since October. I had a love affair with the peanut butter/Reeses ice cream. It wasn't pretty.

I'm glad you're cleaning things up and making changes. :)

Cammy said...

Good for YOU or recognizing your amazing progress. If you want to "diet", you can load your cupboards with fat-free and sugar-free everything until the weight is gone. If you want to change your LIFE, you learn to *build* a healthier way of eating for the long term. You are definitely on the right track!

Fwiw, I wouldn't worry about the "pause" in effort. Sometimes a mini-breather is just the thing we need to give us energy for a new push forward.

Agnes said...

Makes complete sense. "Trigger food" -- I like that term :-)

Kelly said...

I definitely think you are right about this. Most "snack" foods I have no control over, so I try to keep them far away from me. Last week I told myself I was going to stop buying Cheerios because I was eating like a box every two days. WEIRD I know lol. It was an empty threat though because I still have them but I am only letting myself eat them once a day in a ziplock bag haha- not out of the box. Ohh boy!

The Chubby Girl Diaries said...

You are doing amazing!! And I think you have made so many strides toward your goals!! :)

Sometimes on this journey we have a week or two or three even where we just aren't motivated to be perfect. In my book, it's A-okay. Why? Because as long as you are striving to make good choices and learn and continue to evolve to a healthier you, then your still in the game. Even if you aren't tracking every point or working out 7 days a week.

Re-configuring my kitchen was critical for me. I loved Cheetos more than my kids did.


julielopez3 said...

That was a good WW meeting this week. I wish my fridge looked so organized. I found it made me more aware of the foods I put on my grocery list today.
Good luck to a great weekly weigh in.

liz said...

thanks ladies! i was thinking i have been trying to be positive, but as i look back at my posts i have been beating myself up a little. here's to celebrating nsv's!