Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Omnivore Issues?

So I have always had streaks of food oddness.  Sometimes I lose my taste for coffee for several weeks, gasp!  Or all I want is blueberries, for weeks.  Or sometimes it's cheeseburgers.  And there was the three-month grilled-eggplant-for-dinner-everyday incident of 2002.  So I'm no stranger to odd cravings.  But in the last couple days I've noticed I have no desire to eat meat.  Meat is currently grossing me out.  Yes, last night for dinner I defrosted some home-made steamed pork dumplings at J's request, but I really didn't want them at all.  And I put egg in the fried (brown) rice.  But today I find myself looking for a way to make dinner for both of us that will allow me to skip the meat.  During the day it's easy, but I know my beloved omnivore will want meat with his dinner and I guess that means no one-dish meals for a while, at least until the current anti-meat craving passes.  I'm okay with dairy: milk, cheese, yogurt.  But actual meat? Gag.  Weird.

Side note: weigh-in tomorrow night.  This morning the scale said 186, we will see what a day and a half brings!  I need to hit 186.4 on the WW scale to make my 15 lb loss and get my reward haircut.  I'm thinking about going a little shorter, somewhere between chin and shoulder-length.

Have a fab day!


Corletta said...

Hmmm...I have not a clue about the meat situation. I, my friend, am a carnivore. I have to tell myself, "Corletta, eat something other than meat!"

liz said...

i know, it's weird, i love meat! usually. oh well, just another weird food phase to get through. though if i'm not careful this one might stick. that would not be a bad thing.

Anonymous Fat Girl said...

Ha ha!!!! "Eggplant"? Are you crazy! LOL

When you get your hair cut please post a pic so we can see. I have no doubt that you'll make it to your goal! :)

liz said...

@afg oh my god i am so not kidding. i would cook a ton of it every night in my little forman grill, with zucchinin or yellow squash, and big onion slices. lots of greek seasoning. i was obsessed!

yes, i'll totally post a pic when i do. the 15 lb mark is when i'll post my first progress pics, too, though i don't think i have any of me at my peak weight.

i'm glad you're back, the blogosphere was not the same without you!

The Chubby Girl Diaries said...

Egg in fried rice is amazing!!

Sometimes I think our tastes change on the journey. Things we used to like no longer become appealing. Or maybe it's just a phase?

WoohooO! I am rooting for your 15-pound loss! Definitely post a pic of your new super cute haircut when you get it! :)


Cammy said...

I eat the same things over and over, too. In the heat of summer, I've noticed a tendency to avoid meat, but this definitely isn't summer! :)

(Pssst--if you cut your hair *before* the weigh-in, it would be that much more weight lost. :))

Agnes said...

Yes, please post a pic of the new haircut.
I am always lighter after a haircut -- seriously. I wonder how much hair weighs..?
I have never had a hamburger or a stake in my life, Liz. Weird, I know. But I do eat seafood. And I love cheese and yoghurt and eggs.
Grilled eggplants for 3 months? Sounds GREAT to me!!

liz said...

@chubbygirldiaries, yes, maybe it's a phase. i don't mind, it's just weird :/

@cammy, i like the way you think!

@agnes, i have a cheeseburger addiction that it would not hurt me to stop indulging in for a while :)

@everybody, the haircut won't be a BIG change, but i am way in need of one! hopefully i will like the new lady and so will have a regular person to go to from now on. i've been a hair-cut-lady orphan for going on 3 years now! just trying this salon and that one, or asking family to give me a trim, or running into one of the haircut mills. no more!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Red meat grosses me out since I read a book called "Fast Food Nation" that described the way the beef industry operates.

liz said...

@karen, i've heard about that book but am afraid to read it. and i'm an animal lover, so i am not minding my current aversion to meat. i'm hoping it pushes me firmly in a direction i have always thought about, going veggie.