Saturday, February 13, 2010

Back that A** Up

"A**" being your data.  Last night after four beautiful years together, I lost my laptop to the blue screen of death.  I'd stopped what I was doing on it and was watching part of the opening of the Winter Olympics with my schweetie.  We were being silly and I accidentally knocked the laptop onto the floor.  Everything looked okay for a few minutes and then the crazy screens started showing up... DOS screens saying to hit F1, F5, etc.  I hit the keys it said to and it beeped and beeped at me, I felt like a kid getting her hand slapped for touching something she shouldn't.  Then it went blue. 

There is SO MUCH on that laptop... a spreadsheet with over three years of exercise logs and weights.  Another spreadsheet I use for scheduling and paying bills.  Years and years of pictures, most of which I don't have in hard copy.  Blog ideas.  Recipes.  Emails.  "My favorites" on Internet Explorer, that was a seriously comprehensive list of things I had found on the 'net.  Some were just interesting, but many were useful.  I categorized recipes in the favorites list into "tried and true", "canning and preserving" (a new interest I experimented with this year that you will get to hear all about as the garden begins to produce again this summer), different kinds of recipes to try, and more.  I had bookmarked yoga websites, blog resources, just everything... But I can find those again if I want to.  The things I'm really worried about are the spreadsheets and most of all the pictures.  Ack!

Not a single thing was backed up.  Not.  One.  Thing.

Hopefully it's not all gone.  J is in I.T. and he is going to try to recover the data from my hard drive later.  He says the problem is it's no longer recognizing the hard drive.  I have no idea how he will work his magic but cross your fingers for me!

And learn from my mistake, people.  Back up your data.


Agnes said...

Oh no.
Hope they can recover your data somehow.

liz said...

IT'S WORKING AGAIN! i asked j how he did it and he just said "magic." guess what i'm doing today.... BACKING EVERYTHING UP!

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

I hate that!

I'm so so glad they fixed it. I was crossing my fingers for recovering your files. But Yay!